Upwave is hiring!

Upwave is hiring a new chief marketing officer (CMO) to drive growth further

UpWave is a task management tool launched early in 2016. They spent the remainder of the year finding product/market fit, and have now paying users in 30 countries. They have been featured on product hunt and are continuously improving based on the feedback of the community.

Email and messenger apps create a constant stream of information, with little way of sorting and overview. The UpWave target user is currently using a myriad of tools, such as spreadsheets, email, SMS and post-its for task management. Products such as Jira, ProjectPlace and Basecamp are cumbersome to use and feel cluttered. UpWave is task management for teams made easy.

They believe in getting paid for quality software – not giving it away for free.

They are an enthusiastic team of five, four based in Oslo and one in Bogota, Colombia. Their ability to learn from their mistakes, adapt and work fast has been key to developing UpWave.

Upwave.io on web and mobile is task management for teams made easy

The candidate profile

UpWave AS is seeking an experienced chief marketing officer (CMO) to drive further growth globally. The main responsibility will be to increase website traffic by an order of magnitude. They are experiencing good conversion rates and low churn, and are now working on increasing awareness.

UpWave is looking for candidates with these pre-requisites:

  • 3+ years of experience with SaaS companies (ideally B2B)
  • Proven track record of driving growth at an early stage
  • Experience with “trial” as a business model (as opposed to free or “freemium”)
  • Ability to both plan strategically and execute hands-on
  • Experience with AdWords, LinkedIn, online marketing tools and retargeting, Product Hunt and any other relevant channels
  • Experience working with bloggers/influencers/journalists to increase awareness
  • Fluency in English
  • Multilinguality is a plus (German, French, Spanish and/or Portuguese preferred)
  • Ability to be witty, pertinent and dignified on social media on behalf of UpWave

They offer:

  • Opportunity to substantially shape the direction of the company
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Ownership
  • Lots of freedom balanced by equal amounts of responsibility
  • Charming riverfront offices located in the heart of Oslo
  • A very dog friendly environment (they currently have two dogs working there)
  • High risk – high reward!
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