We are Astronaut, we are connectors and this is our manifesto and what we believe in.

We believe in a world of opportunities. Opportunities are everywhere around us. Some are visible, some are hidden. Paradoxically, people struggle to find fulfilling work in a world with more and more opportunities.

Opportunities are created by people, for people. It is in the human DNA to help other people, and some people are extraordinary at creating opportunities for themselves and others. This is what we call a connector. We are excited about enabling connectors to find and reveal these hidden opportunities, and getting paid doing so. 

You bring value to your network, but most people don't realize the potential of living in a connected society, and the amount of job opportunities hidden in their social and professional network. People subjugate to the outdated and painfully slow processes of the recruitment industry today, resulting in a lot of hidden opportunities. 

Our way of maximizing positive impact in this world is to connect the companies we believe push the world in the right direction with the people they need to grow and prosper.

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