Astronaut is a crowdsourced recruitment platform designed to reveal hidden opportunities. It incentivizes connected individuals to become connectors and recommend people in their network to new opportunities through a modern referral system.

Connectors are people who link us up with the world. People with a special gift for bringing the world together. They are a handful of people with a truly extraordinary knack making friends and acquaintances.


- Malcolm Gladwell, Author of "The tipping point"

It is easy to get started being a connector. All you need to is start talking to people about the opportunities that you know of. In order for connectors to reveal hidden opportunities through Astronaut, I want to share three ninja tricks I use to find the best candidates.

1: Think big and narrow down your search.

Facebook has an extremely powerful social search engine! If I´m presented with a work opportunity in Oslo, I search for “People I know from Oslo”. This narrows down my search to people who has previously lived in Oslo, and probably have a big network there. Feel free to experiment with other search terms!


2: It's all about timing

One of your friends dubbed awesome-at-everything-about-financial-taxes-and-super-interested-in-electronic-gadgets John is bored to death at his corporate formal-dress-code-is-killing-me job? You just got to know about an rapid growing 23 employee tech company who is developing the smart house solution of the future, and really needs a finance guy with a passion for household tech? BOOOOM. It´s all about the timing.

3: Seek out other connectors

Sometimes the best candidates are one link away from you. Seek out other connectors and give them the opportunity! The best connectors share opportunities with others because they know about their own limitations.

If you have already been invited to one of the astronaut challenges, right now is the time to prove your exceptional connector skills!

To everyone else: Request access through

By Håkon Weløy Aarseth @Astronaut

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