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40% higher chance of getting the job

Sweaty hands, clogging throat, racing thoughts. You are 10 minutes early for your latest job interview, and you are sitting by the reception desk mentally rehearsing your personal story. You´ve done your homework and researched the company from the inside out. You motivation pitch is perfectly honed to balance your hunger for experience and ability to adapt, while matching the company values. This is all good, but honestly there´s only one thing you should really be worrying about: Do you know anyone at the company?

Research show that stastically speaking knowing someone in the company makes it much more likely for your resumé to be read, land an interview and get the job in the end.

A referral candidate who get an interview has a 40% higher chance of getting the job, according to research from MIT and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

But is this good? You may ask. Well it seems that there is several reasons why companies prefer to hire referral candidates. Multiple studies have shown that referral candidates are...

  • More likely to stay with your company for a longer time
  • Be more productive in the work place
  • They are often a really good culture fit because of pre-existing relations within the company, and also cost less to find

Many companies have their own internal referral system where the employees get big fat bonuses for referring good candidates. Astronaut believe in the strength of such network recruiting, and we inject steroids into such referral program to expand them outside the company walls. We want to amplify the effect of peoples' network, and make it possible for anyone to become a connector.


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